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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Solving a Green Pool

Once you have seen the way your pool looks when maintained properly, you’ll know that it should be sparkling, clear and blue. When the water is off-colour, a problem is lurking.
Is the water cloudy and green? This is caused by algae. When you see them, you will already have about 30 million algae per 32ml of water. Luckily we have treatments for all types of algae.
Keep the filtration and circulation running continuously until the pool has cleared.
Remove all floating debris from the pool using a leaf net.
Check the skimmer and pump strainer baskets are clean and free of debris.
Brush pool walls and floor thoroughly to ensure that all matter is put into suspension.
Adjust the pH level to 7.2 – This will ensure that the sanitizer is working efficiently. If you need to adjust the pH, wait for 2 hours before moving to the next stage.
Shock dose the pool and wait a further 2 hours before moving to the next stage.
Add algaecide at the rate of 450ml per 45m3 (10,000 gallons). Wait 12 hours or overnight before moving to the next stage.
Check the free chlorine level and if it is below 3mg/l (ppm), repeat the above shock dose.
Thoroughly brush the pool walls and floor again.
If you have a sand filter then you can add some Jelly Clear Cubes to help the filter remove debris from the pool water.
Please check out our other guides for more help and advice for your swimming pool or spa or if you have any questions then feel free to contact us.

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