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Friday, 30 March 2012

Aqua Sparkle Spa & Hot Tub Guide

The complete Aqua Sparkle Care guide for your Spa or Hot Tub

Swimming Pool Problem Solving & Maintenance Guide

A Swimming Pool Maintenance Chart and Troubleshooting Guide

Blue Horizons Swimming Pool Care Guide

This is the complete guide to maintaining your Swimming Pool

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Introducing the BOAST System - pool water care made easy

Welcome to the world of pool ownership and thank you for choosing Blue Horizons as your water treatment products. Learning and understanding how your pool works will help you achieve water that looks inviting and is clean and comfortable for you, your family and your friends to enjoy.

Systemised approach to looking after your pool (BOAST system) or hot tub

It is not our intention to baffle you with complicated formulas or to use jargon but to introduce you to our simple BOAST system of continuous pool water care that will enable you to run your pool economically and successfully.

Rest assured that by using our BOAST programme, you will have pool water to boast about throughout the swimming season.

B Balance your pool water for bather comfort and maximum chemical efficiency

O Oxidise to establish a sanitiser level then weekly to destroy waste compounds

A Algae prevention, stop algae establishing themselves in your pool water

S Sanitise, maintain a constant sanitiser level to prevent and kill bacteria

T Test your water frequently, you really don’t know what the levels are without testing

The complete dosing cycle that includes Balancing, Oxidising, Algae Treatment, Sanitising and Testing.