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Friday, 6 March 2009

Opening Your Swimming Pool for the Season

Preparing your Swimming Pool for Summer:

At the end of the winter and with the warmer weather starting, you will want to prepare your outdoor Swimming Pool for the season. There are some easy steps you can take to ensure your Swimming Pool is open the right way for the Pool Season.

Some of the things that you need to do prior to opening your pool:
  • The first thing you must do is remove the cover. If there are leaves or other debris on the cover, use your leaf net to remove them.

  • Then pump off any standing water if you have a solid cover. Note:if your cover has a hole in it, you will be pumping water out of your pool. This can lead to draining the pool if you do not watch for this.

  • After removing the cover, be sure to clean it and let it dry and store for the season.

  • You may need to add water, bringing the level up to its normal operating level.

Opening your Swimming Pool procedure:

  • Remove any empty plastic containers from the pool, which were used to prevent frost damage during the winter and re-place skimmer basket and weir back in the skimmer (if removed for the winter).

  • Re-connect plug at the bottom of the filter tank, pump with its drain plug, lid and basket, heater and its drain plug (if disconnected for the winter).

  • Remove any freeze plugs and other items installed to protect against freezing.

  • Now, start your filter system be sure to prime the pump and the correct valves have been opened before starting the motor. Be sure to purge all the air from the plumbing and equipment.

  • Check for any leaks.

  • You will want to remove any large debris with your leaf net, leaf rake or leaf eater that is found in the pool.
  • Tile lines can be cleaned using Tile and Liner Cleaner.

  • Any dirt, sand, algae or other small debris should be vacuumed to waste.

  • After cleaning the pool, it's time to check the water chemistry. Test it thoroughly and add the necessary chemicals in the proper sequence.

  • Add your algaecide at the recommended dose rate around the pool edge and circulate (KleenPool Longlife Algaecide can be used at a dose rate of 1 litre per 20,000 litres pool capacity) or use (Algimax Eliminator at a dose rate of 1 litre per 45,450 litre pool capacity).

Your Pool Levels should be: